About Us

IIC is a Saudi limited liability company that was established in 2018, our company has taken it upon itself to contribute effectively to provide regional and global markets a superior quality grade of electrical polymeric insulators.

Polymer insulators for overhead transmission purposes are cornerstone to ensure a secure and high-performance energy transfer process, we have therefore, paid particular attention to the quality of our products in terms of the quality of used raw material either design or manufacturing process led by outstanding expertise in the field and a rigorous quality system to achieve our mission.


Make first class quality of electrical polymer insulators and provide it to the international markets as well as enhancing and developing our society.


To be one of the first-class choice's companies in the field of manufacturing electrical insulators and delivering related services worldwide.


IIC Material, technology & process

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Main material

We use HTV polymer material with special formulated contain a certain specific filler, and additive agents achieves excellent making resistant to UV degradation, anti-tracking, and anti-erosion performance.


Our Polymer insulators made through create one piece comprise housing (sheath) and Weathershed, this directly vulcanized to the fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) type CR-E core during injection process, providing superior bonding performance.

Crimping & Triple seal design

The metal fittings are attached through pressure-controlled uniform and monitored crimping process.

Testing facility

Where quality is IIC priority, testing facility either for income raw material and in-process control or for final products.

Approval & Certification

IIC is approved by the Saudi Electricity Company SEC.


+966 555 815598
P.O. Box 31952 - 32263
Dammam third industrial city No 127